wings workout

What Is Wings Workout?

Having a good physical posture might be the dream of many individuals. But very few of them, especially the lifters become able to develop their wing muscles properly by performing appropriate wings workout. This can be achieved by the thorough development of latissimus dorsi or lats which are said to be the largest among the three muscles of your backside. The muscle nearly shaped like a fan can be considered responsible for adduction of shoulder along with extension.

wings workout

Hence, for creating a proper wing shape you can take help of wings workout videos or simply join a program for weight training in a gym that focuses on increasing your back muscle size. A proper wings workout will surely help you burn calories along with boosting your metabolism. Additionally, following wings workout in gym videos minutely can make your lats overloaded which will help you in enhancing your overall muscle definition as well.

Top most wings workout:

Whether you are going to perform wings workout at home or gym, you need to follow a suitable plan for this. It can be suggested that you should at least allot a session every week for this workout. Here are topmost wings workout mentioned below:

List of wings workout without weights:


This body building exercise is highly considered by any professional body builder to be one of the most basic and vital component of wings workout without weights programme. To perform this, you need to hold a strong overhead bar with both of your hands. Your grip needs to be a little bit wider than your shoulder width. Allow your legs and body hang straight downwards. Your arms need to be fully stretched but tensed as well.

Now start pulling slowly upper portion of chest towards the pulling bar and try to get your chin over it. Focus on moving your elbows towards your hips to maximize and concentrate the tension on lats. After your chest touching the pull bar, pause for a brief period and then slowly get back to the primary position. You may perform this action to several times like 8 to 12 circles and also can extend it upto higher number according to your convenience.


Chin-ups are nothing but some variations in pull-ups which helps placing your arms in a much biomechanically useful position. You will also be allowed to perform a number of repetitions in this process. Just like the pull ups, you need to grab the powerful overhead bar but this time with the underhand. The grip should be as usual of shoulder width.

After this initiate to your primary hanging position with both of your arms in a stretched position and feet of yours off the ground. Then keep pulling your chin up while you are about to draw your elbows towards the back and down position. Take yourself to the primary position and repeat the whole procedure for several times. This wings workout can be made more prominent by wearing any weighted vest.

Inverted Rows:

Inverted Rows or body rows mainly imitate bent over rows – a workout that is mainly performed by using dumbbells or a barbell. Place the bar on the Smith device or squat rack at height of your hips. Sit yourself on the ground underneath the bar and then clutch it using your overhand grip. Now expand your legs followed by lifting hips off from the ground.

Ensure that your weight is supported by your hands and heels only. Now straighten your body, bend arms and then pull up upper abdomen or lower chest so that it touches the bar. This wings workout at home needs to be repeated.

List of wings workout with dumbbells:

Now here are some workout mentioned that can be performed with dumbbells:

Dumbbell Bent over Row:

This wings workout with dumbbells needs to be done in the following way. Kneel on a bench using your right knee and hand respectively on it in resting position. Pick dumbbell up from the ground using overhand gripped left hand. Now begin pulling the dumbbell to your edge till it touches ribs or upper arm above horizontal. Then expand your arm till it turns straight for one rep. Do it in 12-15 reps in 2 sets. You can also refer the wings workout videos for the same.

Dumbbell Lying Row:

Lie down on a higher bench facing downwards and place the dumbbells under it. Now straighten your legs with toes resting on the ground. Take hold of the dumbbells in overhand grip and then pull to the edges with your upper arm beyond horizontal. Then return weights onto the ground till your arms are straightened up or shoulders stretched in descending position. Complete the workout in one rep. Do it in 12-15 reps in 2 sets. Follow the wings workout in gym videos for better understanding.

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