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List Of Some Of The Best Back Workouts

List of some of the top back workouts:

back workouts

There are several back workouts which people can employ. Here is a list of some of the best back workouts. Read closely.

The LAT Pull-down

The first in our list of best back workouts is the LAT pull-down. They are the most widely known back toning workouts around. They can be a wonderful exercise that is if it is done correctly. They can add mass to the back portion and also increase its width. Experts have said that grip width is not that much essential for muscles contraption and that if the pull down is done in front of the head rather than the back, they can turn out to be more effective. Performing this exercise without appropriate technique or form behind the head can lead to severe damage or for that matter cause strain to the rotary cuff. This particular exercise hits the latissimus dorsi or lats more as compared to any other group muscles, thus adding more width to the back portion.

Standing pull-down

They are also one of the best back toning workouts. They unlike the above exercise may not be very popular but they certainly are very effective. They are roughly exposed in fitness publications and body-building.  They can be used as a portion of any back and as per the experts   they are more-suited at the end of a workout program. They will produce the best results when the muscles are tired and exhausted.

Weighted pull-ups

The weighted pull-ups may be old school but it is still one of the most effective back exercises around. They consist of several variations but among them the best is the pronated grip. The movements utilizes one very own body weight for resistance but the extra load can be piled on using a weight belt. They develop every muscle in the back portion and is considered by many as the king of back workouts. They are extremely effective for adding mass to the back portion.

The reverse grip bent over rows

This is another top-notch back exercises. They are a variable for the commonly done bent over row and mainly targets the lower lats or latissimus dorsi.  They if done properly can prove to be a great variable to any particular exercising program. They are mainly done by people who are focusing to develop their lower lats or for adding more strength. This exercise is among the top lower back workouts and can easily be done by people who suffer from shoulder or joint injuries.

The barbell deadlift

Though they are mainly a leg exercise, they are also efficient in developing the lower back portion. For transfering maximum weight the body is put in a prime position engaging the muscles of the back, glutes and thighs in a straight forward manner to lift the barbell from the surface until one reaches a standing posture. They mainly target the lower-middle and the upper back portion, the lower and mid trapezius, erector spinal and etc.

The seated cable row:

It is another popular back workout. It is extremely efficient in rendering mass to the back portion such as the rhomboids, lats, trapezius muscles. They pull those shoulder muscles back thereby pinching the shoulder blades closer. This exercise is also very versatile and really effective for back development.

Dumbbell Rows

If carried out properly there aren’t many back workouts which provide the level of development which this particular one does. They are according to experts among the most versatile movements one can tend to for back development. They target the lower trapezius, erector spinae, the rhomboids and the lats. Exercising with the right techniques would enable the exerciser to feel the their muscles being worked in between their shoulder blades

Upright rows

Though they are primarily a shoulder workout they also are considered by many fitness instructors as an effective back development exercise. They hit the trapezius muscles with total precision and lends that extra diversity to the overall development of back muscles. The recommended thing is to do this work-out with a free barbell instead of utilizing any machines.

The inverted row

This is another one of the top lower back workouts around. They target the mid back, the lower back, the lower or mid trapezius, lats, infraspinatus. They are very popular among the body-builders and extremely efficient for transforming those back muscles and giving it a beautiful shape.

The barbell T-row

This exercise is again an old school technique but by no means it is in-effective. They are really good for adding strength as well as mass to the back portion. If done with the proper techniques they can turn out to be just the perfect workout for enhancing those back muscles. They mainly focus on the middle back portion, the lower and middle trapezium and the infraspinatus.