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What One Should Know About Leg Workouts

Different types of leg workouts

leg workouts

Leg exercises can always be performed either at home or ay the gyms. Those who cannot able to attend gym can easily make leg workouts at homes especially the homemakers who do not have enough time to go to the gym in order to tone their legs. By sitting in a bench which has an extension one can slowly raise the legs until it is stretched. By simply moving the feet in a slow motion one can reach the beginning position again. These leg exercises can be done three times a week in order to see better results.

Leg workouts for men as well as for women can also be done without using any extra weights. As per experts this is considered to be one of the easiest exercises to execute by both men and women of all age groups. One can stand with the back touching the wall. Slide down slowly until the knees are bent and stay in this position for few minutes and ensure the back is touching the wall. Move slowly to the standing position. By this method one can achieve leg toning workouts in a cost effective way.  This is also a sort of thigh workouts which reduces the thighs and tones them better.

Undoubtedly going up and down the stairs at home is considered to be a good leg workout, though it sounds ridiculous. Using the stairs for fifteen minutes is cheap in reducing the weight as well as in getting toned legs. This can also considered as leg ab workouts as well as thigh workouts for homemakers who cannot go to the gyms. Such a easy method is treated as leg workout for men in the middle ages.

Top Ten Leg Workouts For Both Men And Women

Having said about the few leg workouts this article is aimed to educate the readers about the top ten leg workouts with illustrative images for a better understanding of the write-ups. The article is written in general tone without any gender specific.

  1. Walk with bended legs: This seems to be a easy one for both men as well as women. By keeping legs apart begin to walk with lifted ankles. Standing in one leg for few minutes daily will improve leg muscles. This is known to be the best among many leg toning workouts which is cost effective and can be done easily at any place.
  1. Scissor Lifts: One can lie down in the back as in the picture and slowly lift the legs. Keep the knees straight and make a scissor motion by keeping each leg in the air for five seconds. This action has to be repeated ten time daily. This is also can be treated as the best leg ab workouts for women of all ages. Pregnant women should not do this exercise without consulting the medical experts.
  1. Squat: Squats are known to be the simple and most common leg exercise which can dome in various ways. This is not only the best exercise for women but also good for leg workouts for mass for the teenagers.
  1. Thigh Workouts: This is yet another workout for improving the leg workouts for mass and enhanced the thigh muscles as well. Care should be taken while during the menstrual times and even can be avoided to eliminate complications.
  1. Standing Long And High Jumps: As per experts this is a good leg exercise for legs as well as general fitness. This should be practiced thrice a week in the home garden or in an open place.
  2. Walking Or Running In Soft Sand: A ideal twenty minute walk with bare foot in a soft sand seems to be the best exercise for the legs. Wet beach sand is preferred for those who live near the beach or even lake.
  3. Desk Chair Workout: By sitting in the chair one can turn ankle to the right as if forming a circle. Change the direction of the movement by extending the legs. This activity will get rid of the bulging veins.
  1. Leg Lift: Lifting the leg with back support for ten seconds looks to be a good exercise for the legs.
  1. Pedaling: Pedaling in the specific chair as shown in the image will make the legs flexible all the times. This is suited to people who struck in the offices all the day.
  1. Outward And Inward Legs: By lying down in a yoga mat one can stretch the leg as shown in the above image. Turn the feet outward and next inward with a shifting motion. This can be done from one minute to three minutes.

Combination of leg workouts

It is always suggested that one should select a combination of leg workouts that should include variety of other exercises along with the thigh exercises. Such combinations will make the individual to improve the overall figure of the entire body.