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Top 10 chest workouts that give best results

chest workouts

  1. Bench press

Due to the amazing results it produces bench press tops the list of chest workout routines. This upper body exercise requires pressing a weight upwards while lying on a bench. To do bench press one has to ensure that the shoulders are not in awkward position and the feet are flat on the ground. It is a great exercise that activates large number of chest muscles including pectoral muscles and also builds strength and power.

2. Reverse-Grip Bench Press

Studies reveal that these chest workouts are more effective than the standard bench pres. To do this work out one has to lie flat on a bench keeping the feet flat on the ground. Now holding the bar with an inverted grip that is wider than the shoulder lift it up until the elbows are almost locked. Next bend the elbows to bring it down and repeat. It gives a new feel and develops chest.

3. Inclined Bench Press

This is the remedy with unequal potency for rectifying developed middle pecs and flat upper pecs. It is also an outstanding chest work out and to do this one has to lie on a bench inclined at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees keeping the feet flat on the ground. Now bench press has to be done with usual overhand grip in 3 sets of ten, eight and six repeats for getting best results.

4. Inclined Dumbbell Flye

These typical chest workouts help to develop the upper chest muscles. It develops the pecs specially by working them as intended. This is done by lying on a bench inclined at 30 to 40 degrees. The process includes holding dumbbells in each hand with neutral grips and then extending the arms above the chest all the time bending the elbows slowly. Next the dumbbells are lowered slowly in a wide arch to the sides and reverse the process.

5. Dumbbell Bench Press

These chest workouts for men develops strong and formidable chest. These target the middle pecs. One should lie on a bench with feet placed on the floor. Now holding dumbbells in each hand with the palms facing each other powerfully lift those up till the dumbbells almost touch each other over the chest and next lower them down to a point even with the torso. The exercise is done with many repeats to have desired results.

6. Cable Crossover

These chest workouts focus on both inner pecs and outer pecs developing a chest like professionals. To do this stand with staggered feet having slightly bent knees and hold the handles attached to the upper pulleys. Now pull the handles down together to meet below the waist; pause for a while and allow the handles to go back to the starting position. Repeat the process without letting the stack of weights to touch the base between the reps.

7. Decline Bench Press

This also targets the pectoral muscles especially on the lower-pec area. This is done on a decline bench with the head down and the feet placed behind the roller under the foot pads. Now holding the bar in a wide over-hand grip bend the arms to bring bar slowly to the chest. As soon as it reaches the level of the chest it has to be lifted back by forceful extension of the arms to the original position.

8. Pec-Deck Flye

These chest workouts for mass focus on squeezing when the arms are brought down in front of the body causing the muscles develop. This is done keeping the lower back in direct contact with the pads and pacing the feet on the floor. Now flashing the forearms against the pads the arms are moved forward to make the weights free from the stacks till the come close in front of the body. It is then returned to the original position.

9. Push-Up

These chest workouts without weights help to develop the chest substantially and can be anywhere as such belongs to chest workouts at home protocols. These are very simple to perform. Just put your feet together with hands on the floor keeping them more than the shoulder width apart. Now lower the body down bending the elbows till the chest is about to touch the ground and then press the palms to push you up till the hands are straight.

10. Dumbbell Pullover

This workout targets the pectorals, latissimus dorsi, serratus. While most of the chest work outs involve in pressing or doing flye motion with weights, it works on having top to bottom contraction. Lie on a bench as usual and hold a dumbbell with both hands supporting the weight, and not the handle, extended over the face. Now slowly bring the dumbbell back till the elbows come in level with ears and return to the original position.