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10 best cardio workouts

Before we get in the hot scheme of things i.e. discuss the best cardio workouts, it is extremely important that we understand what cardio signifies. So in the simplest terms cardio is the most common form of weight loss workout. They are really effective and increase both the metabolism as well as the heart rates, which as per many experts are key components for losing excess loads. There are several cardio workout videos which people can turn to do their cardio workouts at home as well.

cardio workouts

Best cardio workouts:

So now coming back to the topic of our discussion, here is a list of some of the top cardio workouts which every person can employ. Just read below to find out.

The HIIT or High intensity interval training:

These cardio exercises last for just 20 minutes leaving aside the warming up or warming down time. Hence to get the best results from such cardio exercises one should opt for these HIIT training programs every second or third day. The reason behind that is the next time when one does those reps, the chances are that they would do with high levels of intensity.Do not try and overcompensate as these workouts are known to burn enormous amount of energy from the muscle system and calls for about a day rest at the very least. One who has no idea about how to go about this, just log and watch this genre of cardio workout videos for references!

The kettlebell

The basic workouts which are performed using a kettlebel are mainly an entire body workout. This implies that the body functions hard and as a result burns up huge amount of calories. As each of its workouts burn down huge calories the exercising reps are rarely long. For most people a 30 -45 minutes workout is sufficient to do the job.

Circuit training

It is mainly a stack of aerobic workouts fusioned with resistance training meant to deliver intense cardio workouts training. They are mainly done by one after another- primarily in a circuit without much breather in between. They comprise of anaerobic as well as aerobic training is flexible in nature which means that they can be done as per one’s own routine. All it takes is a bit of research and a little assistance from the local fitness blog. They are a very popular regiment for cardio workouts at the gym


They mainly involve a process where the muscles undergo a short span of rapid lengthening movements, closely followed by a small transition time where no changes in muscle length is found and again followed by an explosive shortening movement which as a result makes the muscles generate maximum force without the need to increase their maximum strength. Again like the above one they too are very a popular regiment for cardio workouts at the gym


Freestyle swimming or with breast strokes or butterfly can burn up about 350 calories within 30 minutes! But mind you this is only meant for serious or rigorous swimming not for the leisurely ones which burn only about 200-250 calories in half-an-hour. So if one does this for about 1 hour one can end up burning about 400-700 calories which to be honest is not that bad.

Outdoor cycling

Cycling is another way by which one can end up burning sufficient amount of calories. Though this genre of exercise doesn’t help much in terms of the upper portions of the body, they are extremely efficient in toning up the lower limb muscles. The amount of calorie which is burned mainly depends on the speed as well as the resistance of the route employed. But if still one has to put it on an average. They burn up about 372 calories and medium speed levels and about 745 calories at high levels.

Skipping or jumping ropes

This might look simple the fact is that they are really effective cardio workout plan. They are efficient in burning down sufficient amount of calories from the entire body portion. They also assist one improve their hand-eye coordination. As one gradually becomes good at it they can challenge themselves by employing different patterns such as cross mode, side steps, speed steps etc. At moderate speed, one can burn about 931 calories. And what more all this is achieved by doing this for just one bleaking hour.


This is another adequate way of losing the excess baggage which has accumulated within the body. This along with swimming and running are very popular cardio workouts for men and women both. In order to burn up sufficient amount of calorie, try and jog at about 8 or more mpg. One can also provide resistances by jogging on rough terrains or for that matter inclined hilly areas to get better results.


This dance class is also an effective cardio workout plan as they help in reducing adequate amount of calories from the body. They are fun and at the same time give out intense cardio workouts. Based on the intensity of the body movements and other fitness levels of physical workouts, one can end up burning about 400-600 calories per hour which is not so bad.

Cross fit

Last but not the least cross-fit exercises are also considered to be effective cardio workouts for men as well as their counterparts. One can also do cross fit cardio workouts at home by watching their relevant videos. Not only does it prepares ones physical skills but also enables them to lose weight quickly and effectively.