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Top 10 Arm Workouts For Rigid Arms

Wide chest, big, sturdy arms are the hallmarks of a beautiful body structure. Ideal arm workouts include building up prominent muscles in biceps and triceps including on forearms.

arm workouts

If you want these muscles to develop, you’ve to systematically concentrate on heavy weightlifting. And just like any other muscle system, arms also develop from higher rep work.

You’ve to take in adequate nutritious food to grow, and your arms will get both bigger and stronger.

The anatomy:

The largest arms muscle consists of both biceps and triceps, and indirectly the forearms.

Biceps- This is flexible muscle having two heads, forming part of the front of the upper arm; it also means the large flexible muscle of the back of the upper leg; here, only the arm-related portion is discussed.

Triceps-large body limb muscle along the back of the upper arm muscle emanating from three heads. Three brachii or heads join to make a clear “horseshoe” which looks prominent and muscularly strong when developed. When it comes to arm workouts, it refers to both biceps and triceps with more stress on triceps as this speaks much more for your arm’s size and strength. Undeveloped triceps pose a mean arm.


Made up of bits of small muscles, forearms make the calves of arms. They aren’t in much focus, but they may become an eyesore if left undeveloped.

Depending upon your diet, workouts, rest and supplements, building muscles and losing weight can be incredibly simple, though seemingly impossible,

The arm workout:

Building robust arms requires both doing heavy compound lifts and taming the important arm muscles. Heavy lifting (80-85% of 1 RM) as arm workout is found to yield best results.

Exercise choice:

  • Overloading the arms muscle is a way of arm training.
  • Training volume and frequency: The ideal frequency is found to be 40-60 reps done for 5-7 days lifting heavy weights. Heavy compound lifting in workouts of back, chest and shoulder together with 30-40 reps of biceps and triceps performed every 5-7 days is found to be ideal in terms of intensity and volume.

Top 10 arm workouts for men (Biceps and Triceps):


By concentrating on free weights and by adopting compound movements, you get best growth in biceps. Here are five typical biceps exercises.

  1. Barbell Bicep Curl- This is a very effective bicep builder, ardently followed by many arms workout builders.
  1. E-Z Bar Bicep Curl: This is intermittently done between exercises. Giving breaks, it eases your wrists and elbows from the stress.
  1. Alternating Dumbbell Curl: This is also a proven biceps builder.
  1. Hammer Dumbbell Curl: This especially helps build up the biceps brachialis.
  1. Chin-Up: This enables high functional movement exclusively for biceps. Dip belt weight and weighted vest can also be used for training your arm muscles.

Triceps Exercises:

  1. Close-Grip Bench Press: A best triceps exercise, this is a compound movement for safely using heavy weight, which helps chest development also.
  1. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press: You’re handling heavy weights with no undue stress.
  1. Lying Triceps Press: This also strengthens triceps.
  1. Triceps Pushdown: This is a useful arm workout with compound movements. Its V-bar and straight movements are better than rope method.
  2. Dip:  Its benefits are three fold-building up your triceps, shoulders and chest.

Forearm exercise: Exercises of heavy back, chest and arm training take care of your forearms also. No separate ones are normally required. If still needed, 2-3 sets of Reverse Curl will be enough.

While these are arm workouts for men involving weights, other types called some arm workouts without weights for men -not warranting use of weights- are also in practice.

Some such workouts are Wall Push-Ups, Floor Dips, Half-Circle Arm Rotations, Weight-Free Rows and X-Jumps.

Arm workouts without weights for men:

Workouts without weights are useful for doing arm workouts at home with no or limited equipments, though weight lifting is recommended for those for biceps build up specifically.

Bicep workouts without weights:

As these are without weights you can do more rep as 60-100. They are basically arm workouts without weights for men; but they are also specifically effective as chest workouts without weights and bicep workouts without weights. Strengthening triceps and shoulders is its other benefit. A few of them are Pushups, Handstand pushups, Chin Ups or Pull Ups, Bicep Curl, Inverted Rows and Half Moon Rotations.

Floor push ups method: No weights and hence you can go up to 60-100 pushups.

Wall Push-Ups: Standing against a wall, you have to step back maximum, then inhale and exhale steadily a number of times. After a pause, you have to repeat the workout. This is an effective method for arm toning without weights, followed easily at home by many.

Leg workouts without weights:

About six exercises are there as a pack. You have to do them taking rest in between. These are quite useful arm workouts without weights for guys too, covering members of both sexes.

They are Squat Jump, Walking Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift Reach, Side Lunge, Scissor Box Jump, Single Leg Hip Raise and Alternating Drop Lunge.