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How to Get 8 Packs Workout – A Complete Guide

8 pack abs (abdominals) mean eight unique muscle bellies running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen. In people with low body fat, such bellies are discernible externally and markedly, and are generally called four, six or eight pack according to the number of such conspicuous bellies.

8 Packs Workout

For a normal guy who is in shape, getting 8 pack abs is not difficult. But, for others too, though daunting, it’s not impossible. Getting the abs is a matter of diet, exercises, and your will power. So, eating, training and attuning your mind to the practices to shape the abs sharp with cuts are easy if you do them systematically and strenuously.

10 Steps to get 8 packs workout:

These steps mainly commence with setting goals, journeying through eating protein-rich food and ending with exercises. They aid very much in attaining 8 pack abs, and hence are worth following.

  1. Set a target:

Your aim is to get a flat, ripped abs. Split it into tiny ones such as losing 1 pound per week, adding a round to the abs circuit and so on, setting timelines for each. You can also proclaim to others your targets so it works as a pressure on you to keep up the targets seriously.

  1. Avoid food allergies:

Food allergy is a cause of bloated stomach even when you’re free from fat. Soy, dairy and wheat gluten are found to cause this to some. So, avoid taking them.

  1. Cconsume more protein:

Having more muscle nourishes metabolism, burning off the fat of the pack. You need to take more of protein frequently to keep up muscles well-satiated and in shape. Five whole- food meals each with 30-50gms and one protein shake are ideal for this.

  1. Eat better but cutting calories:

Don’t starve. Eat better, avoiding calorie-rich items. One secret is protein digestion burns more calories than carbo digestion needs.

  1. Don’t keep processed junk food at home:

Store only fruits, vegetables and starches, avoiding junk items in refrigerators and racks for psychological reasons.

  1. Get green:

Eat more green vegetables as they contain all the critical nutrients needed for the body. Juice with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants carrying negligible calorie is ideal. For instance, green juice made from cucumber, celery, spinach, parsely and ginger fennel seeds and green apple is best for this.

  1. Measure more proteins in your diets:

Proteins should be more, carbohydrates less, and fats still less in your daily diet. 3 ounce of proteins such as meat in palm size, carbohydrates like rice or potatoes in cups equalling fist size, and fats like oil and peanut butter in two table spoons equating thumb size- is the general thumb rule in your planning of the various nutrients and quantities. As you develop sharper abs cuts, you can further restrict carbohydrate intake such as rice.

  1. More with magnesium:

These are needed for body’s bio-chemical reactions- bone, muscle and nerve, energy metabolism, blood sugar and blood pressure regulation. Its additional function includes protection against diabetes and heart ailments, giving you good sleep, muscle and brain-all having a bearing on your abs formation. Magnesium is richly available in ostrim beef, raw honey, coconut, palm sugar, herbal tea, roasted dandelion root, green pods, cashew nut, bran cereal, spinach, and lentil seeds. Also cap these with magnesium supplement or multi-vitamins for better results.

Studies reveal that about 48-60% of Americans don’t take the minimum 400mg of magnesium in food.

  1. Pro-protein breakfast:

Protein-rich breakfast fosters appetite, dispensing with evening snack. Meat, eggs and nuts play a major role in meals keeping you energetic all day long, not raising blood sugar level.

  1. Concentrate on abs exercises:

Being postured muscles, abs don’t form as quickly as other muscles do. Less resting and lengthier workouts are essential to realize perceptible results. You’ve to include the following 8 pack abs workouts series also in your weekly schedules for abs improvement.

a.Hanging Leg Raise: While hanging from a pull-up bar, bring your legs horizontally in plane with the bar, slightly lowering them back in a controlled manner.

b.Swiss Ball Crunch: this is moving your torso to your hips taking five seconds.

c.Abs Wheel Rollout

d. Decline Russian Twist: This is done on a decline bench using weight. These are found best 8 pack abs workouts for men in particular.

8 Pack abs vs. 6 pack abs:

When you consider 8 pack abs vs. 6 pack abs, 8 pack abs is found to be a rarity while  6 pack abs is the most common. For the 8 belly owners, the last two packs at the bottom of the abdomen are not that clearly big. Attaining them requires enormous efforts. In a few cases, genetics also is found to be responsible for the occurrence of 8 or 6 packs.

Top 10 ab workouts that can deliver amazing results

  1. Landmine 180

ab workouts

For doing the exercise brace one end of the barbell firmly into one corner of a room and stand opposite to it holding it with both hands at the level of the chest. Now keeping your body fixed bring it down slowly to the thigh level on the right and then  move it to the left  and reverse the motion from left to right. Speed of the movement must be increase as the work out progresses.

  1. Spider Crawl

These are also very effective ab workouts that results total conditioning. The workout involves flexion, rotation and anti-extension effects on the abdomen. To do the exercise one should start from the top of a push up position keeping the body and the hands straight. Next draw the right knee to touch the right elbow keeping the back straight and the left arm straight without touching the floor. Now start crawling by repeating the same with the left foot.

  1. One-Arm High-Pulley Cable Side Bend

Exercising with cables yields good results due the constant tension provided. One can start by gripping the cable with one hand in underhand grip and slowly bring down the cable to the sides without bending the knees for doing side crunch. After the maximum point is reached it should be held for a count before going back to the original position. The same has to be repeated with the other hand. This workout can have as many sets and repetitions as required.

  1. 3/4 Sit-up

These are classical ab workouts for men. One has to lie down on the floor and secure the feet keeping the knees bent. Now lying on the back and keeping the hands on the side of the head the body has to be lifted flexing the hips and the spine so that it becomes perpendicular to the floor. The motion is to be reversed going only 3/4th of the way down and repeat the process.

  1. Plank

This ab workouts at home is a balance and core conditioning exercise that stabilizes the core against forces such as gravity. It is easier to start doing plank with pushup position. Lower both the forearms so that the elbows and the fists touch the floor. Now keep the body perfectly straight and maintain the position for 30 to 60 seconds or till start losing hold whichever is earlier.  Advanced plank can also be done on one leg.

  1. Sledgehammer Swings

Sledge hammer swings are great ab workouts for 6 pack. To do the exercises stand around 2 feet away from a tire with legs apart gripping the sledgehammer firmly. For right handed people the left hand should be at the bottom of the handle and right hand near the head. As the hammer is brought down the right had should slide down to the bottom. Slam the hammer for number of times and repeat the process with left hand.

  1. Ab Roller

Use hands and knees to get down on the floor and grip the ab roller with both hands. Now roll the body forward keeping your knees straight, hold it for 3-4 seconds and return to the starting position. One can also increase the time of holding to make the exercise more challenging. To get good results this ab workout routine has to be done in 3 sets of 20 reps each, thrice a week for 5 weeks.

  1. Bottoms Up

These lower ab workouts are in fact reverse crunch and hip raising exercises combined together and are great for abs development. The exercise is to be started lying down on the back with arms on the sides. Now bring the knees forward towards the chest to start movement and extend the legs instantaneously above the body so that it becomes almost perpendicular to the floor. Pause for a while and back to the original position and repeat again.

  1. Cross-Body Crunch

This is a very good ab exercise. To do this one has to lie flat on the back bending the knees to about 60 degrees and keeping the feet flat on the ground. Putting the hands behind the head start curling up bringing the right elbow to touch the left knee and return to the starting position. Next repeat the movement with left elbow and right knee. Repeat the process alternatively to have great abs.

  1. Decline Reverse Crunch

This work out holds an intermediate position between the leg raise on the ground and the hanging leg raise. To do it lie on a decline bench and hold the top of the bench with the hands. Now hold the legs parallel to the floor with the help of abs and then push the legs up by rolling backwards to raise the legs above the bench; hold for a moment and return back to the original starting position.