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What Is Wings Workout?

Having a good physical posture might be the dream of many individuals. But very few of them, especially the lifters become able to develop their wing muscles properly by performing appropriate wings workout. This can be achieved by the thorough development of latissimus dorsi or lats which are said to be the largest among the three muscles of your backside. The muscle nearly shaped like a fan can be considered responsible for adduction of shoulder along with extension.

wings workout

Hence, for creating a proper wing shape you can take help of wings workout videos or simply join a program for weight training in a gym that focuses on increasing your back muscle size. A proper wings workout will surely help you burn calories along with boosting your metabolism. Additionally, following wings workout in gym videos minutely can make your lats overloaded which will help you in enhancing your overall muscle definition as well.

Top most wings workout:

Whether you are going to perform wings workout at home or gym, you need to follow a suitable plan for this. It can be suggested that you should at least allot a session every week for this workout. Here are topmost wings workout mentioned below:

List of wings workout without weights:


This body building exercise is highly considered by any professional body builder to be one of the most basic and vital component of wings workout without weights programme. To perform this, you need to hold a strong overhead bar with both of your hands. Your grip needs to be a little bit wider than your shoulder width. Allow your legs and body hang straight downwards. Your arms need to be fully stretched but tensed as well.

Now start pulling slowly upper portion of chest towards the pulling bar and try to get your chin over it. Focus on moving your elbows towards your hips to maximize and concentrate the tension on lats. After your chest touching the pull bar, pause for a brief period and then slowly get back to the primary position. You may perform this action to several times like 8 to 12 circles and also can extend it upto higher number according to your convenience.


Chin-ups are nothing but some variations in pull-ups which helps placing your arms in a much biomechanically useful position. You will also be allowed to perform a number of repetitions in this process. Just like the pull ups, you need to grab the powerful overhead bar but this time with the underhand. The grip should be as usual of shoulder width.

After this initiate to your primary hanging position with both of your arms in a stretched position and feet of yours off the ground. Then keep pulling your chin up while you are about to draw your elbows towards the back and down position. Take yourself to the primary position and repeat the whole procedure for several times. This wings workout can be made more prominent by wearing any weighted vest.

Inverted Rows:

Inverted Rows or body rows mainly imitate bent over rows – a workout that is mainly performed by using dumbbells or a barbell. Place the bar on the Smith device or squat rack at height of your hips. Sit yourself on the ground underneath the bar and then clutch it using your overhand grip. Now expand your legs followed by lifting hips off from the ground.

Ensure that your weight is supported by your hands and heels only. Now straighten your body, bend arms and then pull up upper abdomen or lower chest so that it touches the bar. This wings workout at home needs to be repeated.

List of wings workout with dumbbells:

Now here are some workout mentioned that can be performed with dumbbells:

Dumbbell Bent over Row:

This wings workout with dumbbells needs to be done in the following way. Kneel on a bench using your right knee and hand respectively on it in resting position. Pick dumbbell up from the ground using overhand gripped left hand. Now begin pulling the dumbbell to your edge till it touches ribs or upper arm above horizontal. Then expand your arm till it turns straight for one rep. Do it in 12-15 reps in 2 sets. You can also refer the wings workout videos for the same.

Dumbbell Lying Row:

Lie down on a higher bench facing downwards and place the dumbbells under it. Now straighten your legs with toes resting on the ground. Take hold of the dumbbells in overhand grip and then pull to the edges with your upper arm beyond horizontal. Then return weights onto the ground till your arms are straightened up or shoulders stretched in descending position. Complete the workout in one rep. Do it in 12-15 reps in 2 sets. Follow the wings workout in gym videos for better understanding.

10 best cardio workouts

Before we get in the hot scheme of things i.e. discuss the best cardio workouts, it is extremely important that we understand what cardio signifies. So in the simplest terms cardio is the most common form of weight loss workout. They are really effective and increase both the metabolism as well as the heart rates, which as per many experts are key components for losing excess loads. There are several cardio workout videos which people can turn to do their cardio workouts at home as well.

cardio workouts

Best cardio workouts:

So now coming back to the topic of our discussion, here is a list of some of the top cardio workouts which every person can employ. Just read below to find out.

The HIIT or High intensity interval training:

These cardio exercises last for just 20 minutes leaving aside the warming up or warming down time. Hence to get the best results from such cardio exercises one should opt for these HIIT training programs every second or third day. The reason behind that is the next time when one does those reps, the chances are that they would do with high levels of intensity.Do not try and overcompensate as these workouts are known to burn enormous amount of energy from the muscle system and calls for about a day rest at the very least. One who has no idea about how to go about this, just log and watch this genre of cardio workout videos for references!

The kettlebell

The basic workouts which are performed using a kettlebel are mainly an entire body workout. This implies that the body functions hard and as a result burns up huge amount of calories. As each of its workouts burn down huge calories the exercising reps are rarely long. For most people a 30 -45 minutes workout is sufficient to do the job.

Circuit training

It is mainly a stack of aerobic workouts fusioned with resistance training meant to deliver intense cardio workouts training. They are mainly done by one after another- primarily in a circuit without much breather in between. They comprise of anaerobic as well as aerobic training is flexible in nature which means that they can be done as per one’s own routine. All it takes is a bit of research and a little assistance from the local fitness blog. They are a very popular regiment for cardio workouts at the gym


They mainly involve a process where the muscles undergo a short span of rapid lengthening movements, closely followed by a small transition time where no changes in muscle length is found and again followed by an explosive shortening movement which as a result makes the muscles generate maximum force without the need to increase their maximum strength. Again like the above one they too are very a popular regiment for cardio workouts at the gym


Freestyle swimming or with breast strokes or butterfly can burn up about 350 calories within 30 minutes! But mind you this is only meant for serious or rigorous swimming not for the leisurely ones which burn only about 200-250 calories in half-an-hour. So if one does this for about 1 hour one can end up burning about 400-700 calories which to be honest is not that bad.

Outdoor cycling

Cycling is another way by which one can end up burning sufficient amount of calories. Though this genre of exercise doesn’t help much in terms of the upper portions of the body, they are extremely efficient in toning up the lower limb muscles. The amount of calorie which is burned mainly depends on the speed as well as the resistance of the route employed. But if still one has to put it on an average. They burn up about 372 calories and medium speed levels and about 745 calories at high levels.

Skipping or jumping ropes

This might look simple the fact is that they are really effective cardio workout plan. They are efficient in burning down sufficient amount of calories from the entire body portion. They also assist one improve their hand-eye coordination. As one gradually becomes good at it they can challenge themselves by employing different patterns such as cross mode, side steps, speed steps etc. At moderate speed, one can burn about 931 calories. And what more all this is achieved by doing this for just one bleaking hour.


This is another adequate way of losing the excess baggage which has accumulated within the body. This along with swimming and running are very popular cardio workouts for men and women both. In order to burn up sufficient amount of calorie, try and jog at about 8 or more mpg. One can also provide resistances by jogging on rough terrains or for that matter inclined hilly areas to get better results.


This dance class is also an effective cardio workout plan as they help in reducing adequate amount of calories from the body. They are fun and at the same time give out intense cardio workouts. Based on the intensity of the body movements and other fitness levels of physical workouts, one can end up burning about 400-600 calories per hour which is not so bad.

Cross fit

Last but not the least cross-fit exercises are also considered to be effective cardio workouts for men as well as their counterparts. One can also do cross fit cardio workouts at home by watching their relevant videos. Not only does it prepares ones physical skills but also enables them to lose weight quickly and effectively.

List Of Some Of The Best Back Workouts

List of some of the top back workouts:

back workouts

There are several back workouts which people can employ. Here is a list of some of the best back workouts. Read closely.

The LAT Pull-down

The first in our list of best back workouts is the LAT pull-down. They are the most widely known back toning workouts around. They can be a wonderful exercise that is if it is done correctly. They can add mass to the back portion and also increase its width. Experts have said that grip width is not that much essential for muscles contraption and that if the pull down is done in front of the head rather than the back, they can turn out to be more effective. Performing this exercise without appropriate technique or form behind the head can lead to severe damage or for that matter cause strain to the rotary cuff. This particular exercise hits the latissimus dorsi or lats more as compared to any other group muscles, thus adding more width to the back portion.

Standing pull-down

They are also one of the best back toning workouts. They unlike the above exercise may not be very popular but they certainly are very effective. They are roughly exposed in fitness publications and body-building.  They can be used as a portion of any back and as per the experts   they are more-suited at the end of a workout program. They will produce the best results when the muscles are tired and exhausted.

Weighted pull-ups

The weighted pull-ups may be old school but it is still one of the most effective back exercises around. They consist of several variations but among them the best is the pronated grip. The movements utilizes one very own body weight for resistance but the extra load can be piled on using a weight belt. They develop every muscle in the back portion and is considered by many as the king of back workouts. They are extremely effective for adding mass to the back portion.

The reverse grip bent over rows

This is another top-notch back exercises. They are a variable for the commonly done bent over row and mainly targets the lower lats or latissimus dorsi.  They if done properly can prove to be a great variable to any particular exercising program. They are mainly done by people who are focusing to develop their lower lats or for adding more strength. This exercise is among the top lower back workouts and can easily be done by people who suffer from shoulder or joint injuries.

The barbell deadlift

Though they are mainly a leg exercise, they are also efficient in developing the lower back portion. For transfering maximum weight the body is put in a prime position engaging the muscles of the back, glutes and thighs in a straight forward manner to lift the barbell from the surface until one reaches a standing posture. They mainly target the lower-middle and the upper back portion, the lower and mid trapezius, erector spinal and etc.

The seated cable row:

It is another popular back workout. It is extremely efficient in rendering mass to the back portion such as the rhomboids, lats, trapezius muscles. They pull those shoulder muscles back thereby pinching the shoulder blades closer. This exercise is also very versatile and really effective for back development.

Dumbbell Rows

If carried out properly there aren’t many back workouts which provide the level of development which this particular one does. They are according to experts among the most versatile movements one can tend to for back development. They target the lower trapezius, erector spinae, the rhomboids and the lats. Exercising with the right techniques would enable the exerciser to feel the their muscles being worked in between their shoulder blades

Upright rows

Though they are primarily a shoulder workout they also are considered by many fitness instructors as an effective back development exercise. They hit the trapezius muscles with total precision and lends that extra diversity to the overall development of back muscles. The recommended thing is to do this work-out with a free barbell instead of utilizing any machines.

The inverted row

This is another one of the top lower back workouts around. They target the mid back, the lower back, the lower or mid trapezius, lats, infraspinatus. They are very popular among the body-builders and extremely efficient for transforming those back muscles and giving it a beautiful shape.

The barbell T-row

This exercise is again an old school technique but by no means it is in-effective. They are really good for adding strength as well as mass to the back portion. If done with the proper techniques they can turn out to be just the perfect workout for enhancing those back muscles. They mainly focus on the middle back portion, the lower and middle trapezium and the infraspinatus.

How to Get 8 Packs Workout – A Complete Guide

8 pack abs (abdominals) mean eight unique muscle bellies running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen. In people with low body fat, such bellies are discernible externally and markedly, and are generally called four, six or eight pack according to the number of such conspicuous bellies.

8 Packs Workout

For a normal guy who is in shape, getting 8 pack abs is not difficult. But, for others too, though daunting, it’s not impossible. Getting the abs is a matter of diet, exercises, and your will power. So, eating, training and attuning your mind to the practices to shape the abs sharp with cuts are easy if you do them systematically and strenuously.

10 Steps to get 8 packs workout:

These steps mainly commence with setting goals, journeying through eating protein-rich food and ending with exercises. They aid very much in attaining 8 pack abs, and hence are worth following.

  1. Set a target:

Your aim is to get a flat, ripped abs. Split it into tiny ones such as losing 1 pound per week, adding a round to the abs circuit and so on, setting timelines for each. You can also proclaim to others your targets so it works as a pressure on you to keep up the targets seriously.

  1. Avoid food allergies:

Food allergy is a cause of bloated stomach even when you’re free from fat. Soy, dairy and wheat gluten are found to cause this to some. So, avoid taking them.

  1. Cconsume more protein:

Having more muscle nourishes metabolism, burning off the fat of the pack. You need to take more of protein frequently to keep up muscles well-satiated and in shape. Five whole- food meals each with 30-50gms and one protein shake are ideal for this.

  1. Eat better but cutting calories:

Don’t starve. Eat better, avoiding calorie-rich items. One secret is protein digestion burns more calories than carbo digestion needs.

  1. Don’t keep processed junk food at home:

Store only fruits, vegetables and starches, avoiding junk items in refrigerators and racks for psychological reasons.

  1. Get green:

Eat more green vegetables as they contain all the critical nutrients needed for the body. Juice with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants carrying negligible calorie is ideal. For instance, green juice made from cucumber, celery, spinach, parsely and ginger fennel seeds and green apple is best for this.

  1. Measure more proteins in your diets:

Proteins should be more, carbohydrates less, and fats still less in your daily diet. 3 ounce of proteins such as meat in palm size, carbohydrates like rice or potatoes in cups equalling fist size, and fats like oil and peanut butter in two table spoons equating thumb size- is the general thumb rule in your planning of the various nutrients and quantities. As you develop sharper abs cuts, you can further restrict carbohydrate intake such as rice.

  1. More with magnesium:

These are needed for body’s bio-chemical reactions- bone, muscle and nerve, energy metabolism, blood sugar and blood pressure regulation. Its additional function includes protection against diabetes and heart ailments, giving you good sleep, muscle and brain-all having a bearing on your abs formation. Magnesium is richly available in ostrim beef, raw honey, coconut, palm sugar, herbal tea, roasted dandelion root, green pods, cashew nut, bran cereal, spinach, and lentil seeds. Also cap these with magnesium supplement or multi-vitamins for better results.

Studies reveal that about 48-60% of Americans don’t take the minimum 400mg of magnesium in food.

  1. Pro-protein breakfast:

Protein-rich breakfast fosters appetite, dispensing with evening snack. Meat, eggs and nuts play a major role in meals keeping you energetic all day long, not raising blood sugar level.

  1. Concentrate on abs exercises:

Being postured muscles, abs don’t form as quickly as other muscles do. Less resting and lengthier workouts are essential to realize perceptible results. You’ve to include the following 8 pack abs workouts series also in your weekly schedules for abs improvement.

a.Hanging Leg Raise: While hanging from a pull-up bar, bring your legs horizontally in plane with the bar, slightly lowering them back in a controlled manner.

b.Swiss Ball Crunch: this is moving your torso to your hips taking five seconds.

c.Abs Wheel Rollout

d. Decline Russian Twist: This is done on a decline bench using weight. These are found best 8 pack abs workouts for men in particular.

8 Pack abs vs. 6 pack abs:

When you consider 8 pack abs vs. 6 pack abs, 8 pack abs is found to be a rarity while  6 pack abs is the most common. For the 8 belly owners, the last two packs at the bottom of the abdomen are not that clearly big. Attaining them requires enormous efforts. In a few cases, genetics also is found to be responsible for the occurrence of 8 or 6 packs.

What One Should Know About Leg Workouts

Different types of leg workouts

leg workouts

Leg exercises can always be performed either at home or ay the gyms. Those who cannot able to attend gym can easily make leg workouts at homes especially the homemakers who do not have enough time to go to the gym in order to tone their legs. By sitting in a bench which has an extension one can slowly raise the legs until it is stretched. By simply moving the feet in a slow motion one can reach the beginning position again. These leg exercises can be done three times a week in order to see better results.

Leg workouts for men as well as for women can also be done without using any extra weights. As per experts this is considered to be one of the easiest exercises to execute by both men and women of all age groups. One can stand with the back touching the wall. Slide down slowly until the knees are bent and stay in this position for few minutes and ensure the back is touching the wall. Move slowly to the standing position. By this method one can achieve leg toning workouts in a cost effective way.  This is also a sort of thigh workouts which reduces the thighs and tones them better.

Undoubtedly going up and down the stairs at home is considered to be a good leg workout, though it sounds ridiculous. Using the stairs for fifteen minutes is cheap in reducing the weight as well as in getting toned legs. This can also considered as leg ab workouts as well as thigh workouts for homemakers who cannot go to the gyms. Such a easy method is treated as leg workout for men in the middle ages.

Top Ten Leg Workouts For Both Men And Women

Having said about the few leg workouts this article is aimed to educate the readers about the top ten leg workouts with illustrative images for a better understanding of the write-ups. The article is written in general tone without any gender specific.

  1. Walk with bended legs: This seems to be a easy one for both men as well as women. By keeping legs apart begin to walk with lifted ankles. Standing in one leg for few minutes daily will improve leg muscles. This is known to be the best among many leg toning workouts which is cost effective and can be done easily at any place.
  1. Scissor Lifts: One can lie down in the back as in the picture and slowly lift the legs. Keep the knees straight and make a scissor motion by keeping each leg in the air for five seconds. This action has to be repeated ten time daily. This is also can be treated as the best leg ab workouts for women of all ages. Pregnant women should not do this exercise without consulting the medical experts.
  1. Squat: Squats are known to be the simple and most common leg exercise which can dome in various ways. This is not only the best exercise for women but also good for leg workouts for mass for the teenagers.
  1. Thigh Workouts: This is yet another workout for improving the leg workouts for mass and enhanced the thigh muscles as well. Care should be taken while during the menstrual times and even can be avoided to eliminate complications.
  1. Standing Long And High Jumps: As per experts this is a good leg exercise for legs as well as general fitness. This should be practiced thrice a week in the home garden or in an open place.
  2. Walking Or Running In Soft Sand: A ideal twenty minute walk with bare foot in a soft sand seems to be the best exercise for the legs. Wet beach sand is preferred for those who live near the beach or even lake.
  3. Desk Chair Workout: By sitting in the chair one can turn ankle to the right as if forming a circle. Change the direction of the movement by extending the legs. This activity will get rid of the bulging veins.
  1. Leg Lift: Lifting the leg with back support for ten seconds looks to be a good exercise for the legs.
  1. Pedaling: Pedaling in the specific chair as shown in the image will make the legs flexible all the times. This is suited to people who struck in the offices all the day.
  1. Outward And Inward Legs: By lying down in a yoga mat one can stretch the leg as shown in the above image. Turn the feet outward and next inward with a shifting motion. This can be done from one minute to three minutes.

Combination of leg workouts

It is always suggested that one should select a combination of leg workouts that should include variety of other exercises along with the thigh exercises. Such combinations will make the individual to improve the overall figure of the entire body.

Top 10 Full Body Workouts

Full body workouts are special in that they are body part-centric making muscles stronger individually and fleecing away fat from them in less time. They can be made to intersperse the sequences or reps for convenient respites enabling immediate recuperation before continuing them. Typical time earmarked for each bodypart workout is generally five minutes including the resting time, with the total amounting to 30 minutes for the various parts on a day.

Full body workouts

One advantage with this course is that you can also continue it juxtaposing other disease-specific exercises such as cardio or other sports-related exercises by suitable re-stratification.  Overall, you have to chart out what type of workout you propose to do during the days of a week.

As a result, you’ll need to make only less trips to Gym.  When it comes to shedding fats, you’ve to shun taking calorie-rich foods.

Advantages of full body workouts:

  • Owing to various reasons, some people find it not convenient to do all the standard set of exercises in half an hour. When you adopt this full body exercises method directed toward each body part, you’ll be able to train most body parts in 30 minutes.
  • Here, you use only machines which are automatic, fast and risk-free, compared to hand-held equipments.
  • When you adopt workouts without weights, you can do them at home mainly making use of your own body weight. You are still achieving your goal, at minimal expense.

Planning a workout:

For each exercise, select a weight (maximum) that will exhaust you after say 10 reps. do as many reps as you can, then rest, and then restart. Do this for five minutes. When weights are added, they become Full body weightlifting workouts giving you enduring results. Always lift heavy weights so you gain strength.

During workouts, glycogen is consumed by the body for your strain. Hence, post- practice, recouping you is very imperative with supplements containing creatine, glucose, alpha lipoic, and nutrients. Interchanging the various workouts helps you share the benefits.

The routines:

Main Full body workout routines and the machines used are as below. Duration for each is five minutes.

Muscle group              Muscle exercise

Chest                           Chest press or incline bench press

Legs                             Leg Press-squat

S houlders                   Lateral Raise machine

Back                             Lateral Pull down, Seated Row, Bent-over row or Chin up

Triceps                        Cable Pushdown

Biceps                         Machine Preacher Curl

All these are to be done with heavy weights for more muscle power. They are only sample workouts; and you can modify them at will, week after week.

When these are intelligently put together on permutation and combination basis, you can achieve the different goals- increasing strength, building muscle, shedding fat and looking beautiful. This way you train your total body- all parts in some degree- amounting to total body workout- benefiting both upper and lower bodyparts.

Workouts without weight:

Though seemingly simple, full body workouts without weight are also effective exercises in muscle-build-up and strength-gain. They provide a striking contrast from your established full body workouts with equipments, simultaneously freeing you of the monotony of those workouts.

They are very easy, doable at home using your own body weight, at no or less cost. Pull-ups, pushups, body-weight squats, animal-walk, chin-ups and sit-ups are some such exercises.

Workouts for mass:

You can perform full body workouts for mass, i.e. for gaining muscle size and strength-in the form of compound exercises which activate more muscles at a time giving you quicker results. Its schedule can consist of  3 workout sessions a week with one day rest between successive workouts, with the rep schemes having a total volume (=setsXreps) of  24-50 per exercise. These are beneficial full body workouts for men as well as women.

Top 10 full body workouts:

  1. Barbell Bench Press: Done for strength. Muscles worked are chest, shoulders and triceps. Frequency is 2 sets of 15 reps.
  1. Seated Dumbbell Press: Done for gaining strength. Muscles tamed are shoulders and triceps. Frequency is 2 sets of 15 reps.
  1. Triceps Dip Machine: Done for getting strength using machine. Muscles benefited are triceps, shoulders and chest. Frequency is 2 sets of 15 reps.
  1. Leg Press: Designed for giving strength of muscles- quadriceps, calves, glutes and hamstrings. The exercise is machine-based.
  1. Lying T-Bar Row (Chest-Supported Row): Machine-based, this is meant for gaining strength of middle back, Biceps and Lats. Frequency is 2 sets of 15 reps.
  1. Standing Barbell Curl: Frequency is 2 sets of 15 reps, used for gaining strength of muscles of Biceps and forearms. This is done using barbells.
  1. Lying Leg Curl (Lying Hamstrings Curl): 2 sets of 15 reps is the frequency followed for gaining strength of Hamstrings. The exercise is machine-dependent.
  1. Machine-Crunch: Frequency is 2 sets of 15 reps meant for giving strength for abdominals, done employing machine.
  1. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: Performed with the help of cable, its frequency of practicing is 3 sets of 6-8 reps, targeted for strengthening muscles of Lats, Biceps, Middle Back and Shoulders
  1. Standing Calf Raises: A machine-based exercise, its frequency ranges as 2 sets of 8-10 reps, aimed for increasing the strength of muscles of calves.

Top 10 Arm Workouts For Rigid Arms

Wide chest, big, sturdy arms are the hallmarks of a beautiful body structure. Ideal arm workouts include building up prominent muscles in biceps and triceps including on forearms.

arm workouts

If you want these muscles to develop, you’ve to systematically concentrate on heavy weightlifting. And just like any other muscle system, arms also develop from higher rep work.

You’ve to take in adequate nutritious food to grow, and your arms will get both bigger and stronger.

The anatomy:

The largest arms muscle consists of both biceps and triceps, and indirectly the forearms.

Biceps- This is flexible muscle having two heads, forming part of the front of the upper arm; it also means the large flexible muscle of the back of the upper leg; here, only the arm-related portion is discussed.

Triceps-large body limb muscle along the back of the upper arm muscle emanating from three heads. Three brachii or heads join to make a clear “horseshoe” which looks prominent and muscularly strong when developed. When it comes to arm workouts, it refers to both biceps and triceps with more stress on triceps as this speaks much more for your arm’s size and strength. Undeveloped triceps pose a mean arm.


Made up of bits of small muscles, forearms make the calves of arms. They aren’t in much focus, but they may become an eyesore if left undeveloped.

Depending upon your diet, workouts, rest and supplements, building muscles and losing weight can be incredibly simple, though seemingly impossible,

The arm workout:

Building robust arms requires both doing heavy compound lifts and taming the important arm muscles. Heavy lifting (80-85% of 1 RM) as arm workout is found to yield best results.

Exercise choice:

  • Overloading the arms muscle is a way of arm training.
  • Training volume and frequency: The ideal frequency is found to be 40-60 reps done for 5-7 days lifting heavy weights. Heavy compound lifting in workouts of back, chest and shoulder together with 30-40 reps of biceps and triceps performed every 5-7 days is found to be ideal in terms of intensity and volume.

Top 10 arm workouts for men (Biceps and Triceps):


By concentrating on free weights and by adopting compound movements, you get best growth in biceps. Here are five typical biceps exercises.

  1. Barbell Bicep Curl- This is a very effective bicep builder, ardently followed by many arms workout builders.
  1. E-Z Bar Bicep Curl: This is intermittently done between exercises. Giving breaks, it eases your wrists and elbows from the stress.
  1. Alternating Dumbbell Curl: This is also a proven biceps builder.
  1. Hammer Dumbbell Curl: This especially helps build up the biceps brachialis.
  1. Chin-Up: This enables high functional movement exclusively for biceps. Dip belt weight and weighted vest can also be used for training your arm muscles.

Triceps Exercises:

  1. Close-Grip Bench Press: A best triceps exercise, this is a compound movement for safely using heavy weight, which helps chest development also.
  1. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press: You’re handling heavy weights with no undue stress.
  1. Lying Triceps Press: This also strengthens triceps.
  1. Triceps Pushdown: This is a useful arm workout with compound movements. Its V-bar and straight movements are better than rope method.
  2. Dip:  Its benefits are three fold-building up your triceps, shoulders and chest.

Forearm exercise: Exercises of heavy back, chest and arm training take care of your forearms also. No separate ones are normally required. If still needed, 2-3 sets of Reverse Curl will be enough.

While these are arm workouts for men involving weights, other types called some arm workouts without weights for men -not warranting use of weights- are also in practice.

Some such workouts are Wall Push-Ups, Floor Dips, Half-Circle Arm Rotations, Weight-Free Rows and X-Jumps.

Arm workouts without weights for men:

Workouts without weights are useful for doing arm workouts at home with no or limited equipments, though weight lifting is recommended for those for biceps build up specifically.

Bicep workouts without weights:

As these are without weights you can do more rep as 60-100. They are basically arm workouts without weights for men; but they are also specifically effective as chest workouts without weights and bicep workouts without weights. Strengthening triceps and shoulders is its other benefit. A few of them are Pushups, Handstand pushups, Chin Ups or Pull Ups, Bicep Curl, Inverted Rows and Half Moon Rotations.

Floor push ups method: No weights and hence you can go up to 60-100 pushups.

Wall Push-Ups: Standing against a wall, you have to step back maximum, then inhale and exhale steadily a number of times. After a pause, you have to repeat the workout. This is an effective method for arm toning without weights, followed easily at home by many.

Leg workouts without weights:

About six exercises are there as a pack. You have to do them taking rest in between. These are quite useful arm workouts without weights for guys too, covering members of both sexes.

They are Squat Jump, Walking Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift Reach, Side Lunge, Scissor Box Jump, Single Leg Hip Raise and Alternating Drop Lunge.

Prepare Workout Routines To Remain Fit And Strong

 workout routines

The workout routines basically have specific fast and hard rules to be followed. These workout plans can include some of the natural movements which include the following:

  • Lunge
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Squat
  • Twist
  • Lift etc

All these workout routines can be done singly or in combination.

Top workout routines to be followed:

Warm Up session is the most important aspect of any good workout schedule. You need to concentrate on muscle groups to be utilized during the exercising sessions but still desire for warming your whole body. Ensure that you do the stretches in proper way and then gradually lower heart rate because you won’t desire to follow severe workout plans using tight muscles.

Full Body Workout Exercises


One of the best full body workout routines i.e. must to be included in the chart is doing the pushups. In fact, this is a great workout for building a strong and fit upper body. A small tip for the beginners is they should start exercising with knees being on ground till the muscles strengthen up. Pushups are even great to be enlisted in the home workout routines.

Chair Dips

Another workout schedule you can list in the chart is chair dips which are great to make your shoulders, chest and triceps function. You need to be careful when doing too many at a stretch.

Chin Up

For this exercise, you will need a bar to help you exercising. You can also utilize a chair to do the reps till you can manage the chin ups yourself on daily basis. This can also be enlisted while preparing your home workout routines.



Among the full body workout routines, you should include squats in the list. Few workouts mentioned above take care of the upper body but it blasts the lower portion, if done in proper way.


This exercise is bit different from the others. You should lie underneath a table with your chest being at the corner and then haul yourself higher to bottom of the table. Do this in careful way.

General Floor Workout Schedules For The Beginners

Abdominal Crunching

When preparing the chart for workout routines for beginners, abdominal crunching is the most common form. It is also a great exercising for those who desire to shed their belly. Remember that you have to do this in lying pose with your knees being bent a bit and hands touching shoulders. Trunk muscles should be used to lift your upper bodily portion from ground. Try repeating it 12 times in 2 sets.


Bridging is again a good exercise to be included in the workout routines for beginners. This also needs to be done in lying pose and so, get a fitness mat for safeguarding your backside. Lie on the mat with your front body in the direction of the ceiling. When doing the workout, curve the knees a bit and ensure your backside remaining in neutral pose i.e. not to be pushed on the floor as well as not twisted.

Position your arms on both the edges. Try to bring hips up from the ground and then you can feel the abs slimming down. Align your hips with knees and shoulders and then lie in this position for (5-10) seconds. Now, breathe in deeply.

Weight Lifting Routines

One-Three-Five System

The most common form of weight lifting workout routines is one-three-five system. This is a sports program to be advantageous to get into strength training exercises. Basically you can allocate One-Three-Five system for Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays or you can schedule it alternately. In the training period, athletes need to implement basic weight lifting routines by the following:

  • Pull-Ups
  • Squats
  • Presses
  • Military Presses etc

The above mentioned workouts target major muscle groupings. You can follow the repetitions and sets into 4*10.

Alternate Body Training System

Include this workout as well on your weight lifting routines if you are seriously looking for building your body. The process of doing this exercise goes this way:

  • Day 1 – Triceps, Abdominals, Spinal Erectors, Pectorals, Quadriceps and Hamstrings
  • Day 2 – Latissimus Dorsi, Abdominals, Hamstrings and Biceps

This needs to be repeated alternatively with components to be rested for 48 hours for optimum growth as well as development.

Home Gym Workout Routines


One of the best home gym workout routines you can enlist in the chart is stretching. It helps to restore your posture letting adequate flow of blood in the body. This is a fun-filled exercise saving your time.

Strength Training

Next best home gym workout routines to be included in your chart are strength training that helps in building muscles. Ensure following the steps correctly thereby avoid hurting yourself. These are even workout routines for weight loss.

Cardiovascular Training

Don’t forget to list cardiovascular training in your home workout routines. Not only this helps in strengthening your lungs but also heart as well. This exercise is mainly done to boost energy and stamina within. This is a great workout routines for weight loss as well.

Top 10 ab workouts that can deliver amazing results

  1. Landmine 180

ab workouts

For doing the exercise brace one end of the barbell firmly into one corner of a room and stand opposite to it holding it with both hands at the level of the chest. Now keeping your body fixed bring it down slowly to the thigh level on the right and then  move it to the left  and reverse the motion from left to right. Speed of the movement must be increase as the work out progresses.

  1. Spider Crawl

These are also very effective ab workouts that results total conditioning. The workout involves flexion, rotation and anti-extension effects on the abdomen. To do the exercise one should start from the top of a push up position keeping the body and the hands straight. Next draw the right knee to touch the right elbow keeping the back straight and the left arm straight without touching the floor. Now start crawling by repeating the same with the left foot.

  1. One-Arm High-Pulley Cable Side Bend

Exercising with cables yields good results due the constant tension provided. One can start by gripping the cable with one hand in underhand grip and slowly bring down the cable to the sides without bending the knees for doing side crunch. After the maximum point is reached it should be held for a count before going back to the original position. The same has to be repeated with the other hand. This workout can have as many sets and repetitions as required.

  1. 3/4 Sit-up

These are classical ab workouts for men. One has to lie down on the floor and secure the feet keeping the knees bent. Now lying on the back and keeping the hands on the side of the head the body has to be lifted flexing the hips and the spine so that it becomes perpendicular to the floor. The motion is to be reversed going only 3/4th of the way down and repeat the process.

  1. Plank

This ab workouts at home is a balance and core conditioning exercise that stabilizes the core against forces such as gravity. It is easier to start doing plank with pushup position. Lower both the forearms so that the elbows and the fists touch the floor. Now keep the body perfectly straight and maintain the position for 30 to 60 seconds or till start losing hold whichever is earlier.  Advanced plank can also be done on one leg.

  1. Sledgehammer Swings

Sledge hammer swings are great ab workouts for 6 pack. To do the exercises stand around 2 feet away from a tire with legs apart gripping the sledgehammer firmly. For right handed people the left hand should be at the bottom of the handle and right hand near the head. As the hammer is brought down the right had should slide down to the bottom. Slam the hammer for number of times and repeat the process with left hand.

  1. Ab Roller

Use hands and knees to get down on the floor and grip the ab roller with both hands. Now roll the body forward keeping your knees straight, hold it for 3-4 seconds and return to the starting position. One can also increase the time of holding to make the exercise more challenging. To get good results this ab workout routine has to be done in 3 sets of 20 reps each, thrice a week for 5 weeks.

  1. Bottoms Up

These lower ab workouts are in fact reverse crunch and hip raising exercises combined together and are great for abs development. The exercise is to be started lying down on the back with arms on the sides. Now bring the knees forward towards the chest to start movement and extend the legs instantaneously above the body so that it becomes almost perpendicular to the floor. Pause for a while and back to the original position and repeat again.

  1. Cross-Body Crunch

This is a very good ab exercise. To do this one has to lie flat on the back bending the knees to about 60 degrees and keeping the feet flat on the ground. Putting the hands behind the head start curling up bringing the right elbow to touch the left knee and return to the starting position. Next repeat the movement with left elbow and right knee. Repeat the process alternatively to have great abs.

  1. Decline Reverse Crunch

This work out holds an intermediate position between the leg raise on the ground and the hanging leg raise. To do it lie on a decline bench and hold the top of the bench with the hands. Now hold the legs parallel to the floor with the help of abs and then push the legs up by rolling backwards to raise the legs above the bench; hold for a moment and return back to the original starting position.

Top 10 chest workouts that give best results

chest workouts

  1. Bench press

Due to the amazing results it produces bench press tops the list of chest workout routines. This upper body exercise requires pressing a weight upwards while lying on a bench. To do bench press one has to ensure that the shoulders are not in awkward position and the feet are flat on the ground. It is a great exercise that activates large number of chest muscles including pectoral muscles and also builds strength and power.

2. Reverse-Grip Bench Press

Studies reveal that these chest workouts are more effective than the standard bench pres. To do this work out one has to lie flat on a bench keeping the feet flat on the ground. Now holding the bar with an inverted grip that is wider than the shoulder lift it up until the elbows are almost locked. Next bend the elbows to bring it down and repeat. It gives a new feel and develops chest.

3. Inclined Bench Press

This is the remedy with unequal potency for rectifying developed middle pecs and flat upper pecs. It is also an outstanding chest work out and to do this one has to lie on a bench inclined at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees keeping the feet flat on the ground. Now bench press has to be done with usual overhand grip in 3 sets of ten, eight and six repeats for getting best results.

4. Inclined Dumbbell Flye

These typical chest workouts help to develop the upper chest muscles. It develops the pecs specially by working them as intended. This is done by lying on a bench inclined at 30 to 40 degrees. The process includes holding dumbbells in each hand with neutral grips and then extending the arms above the chest all the time bending the elbows slowly. Next the dumbbells are lowered slowly in a wide arch to the sides and reverse the process.

5. Dumbbell Bench Press

These chest workouts for men develops strong and formidable chest. These target the middle pecs. One should lie on a bench with feet placed on the floor. Now holding dumbbells in each hand with the palms facing each other powerfully lift those up till the dumbbells almost touch each other over the chest and next lower them down to a point even with the torso. The exercise is done with many repeats to have desired results.

6. Cable Crossover

These chest workouts focus on both inner pecs and outer pecs developing a chest like professionals. To do this stand with staggered feet having slightly bent knees and hold the handles attached to the upper pulleys. Now pull the handles down together to meet below the waist; pause for a while and allow the handles to go back to the starting position. Repeat the process without letting the stack of weights to touch the base between the reps.

7. Decline Bench Press

This also targets the pectoral muscles especially on the lower-pec area. This is done on a decline bench with the head down and the feet placed behind the roller under the foot pads. Now holding the bar in a wide over-hand grip bend the arms to bring bar slowly to the chest. As soon as it reaches the level of the chest it has to be lifted back by forceful extension of the arms to the original position.

8. Pec-Deck Flye

These chest workouts for mass focus on squeezing when the arms are brought down in front of the body causing the muscles develop. This is done keeping the lower back in direct contact with the pads and pacing the feet on the floor. Now flashing the forearms against the pads the arms are moved forward to make the weights free from the stacks till the come close in front of the body. It is then returned to the original position.

9. Push-Up

These chest workouts without weights help to develop the chest substantially and can be anywhere as such belongs to chest workouts at home protocols. These are very simple to perform. Just put your feet together with hands on the floor keeping them more than the shoulder width apart. Now lower the body down bending the elbows till the chest is about to touch the ground and then press the palms to push you up till the hands are straight.

10. Dumbbell Pullover

This workout targets the pectorals, latissimus dorsi, serratus. While most of the chest work outs involve in pressing or doing flye motion with weights, it works on having top to bottom contraction. Lie on a bench as usual and hold a dumbbell with both hands supporting the weight, and not the handle, extended over the face. Now slowly bring the dumbbell back till the elbows come in level with ears and return to the original position.