10 workouts that can ensure a good physique

  1. Chest workouts

These amazing workouts include three exercises such as flat bench press, inclined bench press and improvised declined bench press. These workouts are very simple to follow at home.  For a manly chest full of muscles first do the flat bench press and then the inclined bench press followed by the declined one doing each 15 times to complete a set. In order to get good results at least 3 such sets must be done daily.

  1. ab workouts

These workouts include 11 exercises such as in & out, bicycles, reverse bicycles, crunchy frog, cross-leg/wide-leg sit-ups, fifer scissors, hip rock and raise, pulse ups, v-up/roll-up, oblique v-ups, leg climbs with 25 repetitions for each and then 30 reps of mason twist. The total workout takes only 15 to 20 minutes and gives fantastic results. This work out should be done on the alternate days or once in three days to develop good abdominal muscles.

  1. Workout routines

Doing workouts regularly following a routine is a must for progressing well in the realm of fitness. This usually begins with basic movements gradually advancing towards the rigorous ones later. One must also give a day rest between work outs so that the body has ample time to recover. The routine covers body parts like chest, back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, triceps, biceps, calves and exercises that help to build muscles, increase strength and shed fats.

  1. Arm workouts

The protocol includes fifteen arm exercises that help to have arms with amazing muscle formation such as seated dumbbell curl, close grip military press, body weight triceps extensions, squatting cable curls with rope, incline face away push downs, incline bench rope triceps extension, barbell wrist curls, one dumbbell two arms curl etc. These are very good to start with and one must keep the lower back as straight as possible during the exercise for best results.

  1. Leg workouts

As the name suggests these workouts are combinations of different exercises for having stronger thigh and leg muscles. These include squatting with barbell, leg press, leg extension, Barbell lunges, speed squats, smith machine calf , hack squat etc  and  should be done at least twice a week for achieving best results. The exercises focus on multi-joint movements like lunges, step-ups or squats and must be done form all possible angles to have maximum muscle development.

  1. Back workouts

The back is the biggest part of the body with interconnected group of muscles and hence need special care. For this reason this workout regime is divided based on the regions of the back like the upper back, the middle back and the lower back each region requiring specific exercise for muscle growth. The workouts include bar pull-ups, handling high pulley rows, rope chin ups, benchless single-arm dumbbell rows etc to have a perfect back.

  1. Cardio workouts

These are meant to enhance cardiovascular fitness that is to make the heart and lungs stronger for supplying blood enriched with oxygen to the muscular tissues thereby increasing the ability of the muscle movement by using more oxygen. These exercises also help to burn out excess fat. For doing these workouts one has to do exercise like forward/lateral hops, squatting & push jerking, bent-over row etc and all these can be easily done at home.

  1. Full body workouts

Focusing on a muscle group helps those muscles only while full the body training covers the entire body. These workouts help to burn calories fast, help to grow muscles, increase strength maximizing efficiency and flexibility.  These further promote balance and provide various endurance benefits besides boosting anabolic hormone responses. The exercises protocol includes squats, push-ups, pull ups and rotisserie and should be scheduled at least three full body sessions every week for achieving best performance.

  1. 8 pack workout

This is basically abdominal exercises that help to grow abdominal muscles popularly known as abs and when those are visible in eight distinct portions, they are called 8 abs. Diets are of paramount importance for developing great abs and these are grown when abdominal muscles flex, twist, extend and stabilize in the trunk area to become distinctly visible.  These workouts include several exercises like bicycle crunches, leg lifts, cross-over toe touches, abdominal stretches and many more.

  1. Wings workout

The back being a huge part of the body can never be neglected and earning wings can only help to have great a back. These workouts include several exercises such as pull ups barbell dead lift, seated cable rows, wide grip pull down behind the neck and seated one arm cable pulley rows. When these are done in fixed sets and repetitions they yield very good results in developing wider lats to form great wings.

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